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  • پیگ تیل فیبر نوری مالتی مود OM3

پیگ تیل فیبر نوری مالتی مود OM3

Nexans, LANmark-OF Pigtail OM3

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  • Maxistrip pigtail for ease of splicing and high density
  • Insertion loss per connection: 0.3 dB maximum
  • Factory terminated fibre assembly
  • 100 % factory tested
  • Compatible with LANmark-OF splice cassette with heat shrink or Aluminium protection.


Pigtail family characteristics

  • Fibre assembly to terminate cable with fusion splicing
  • Available with ST, SC, LC and MTRJ connectors
  • Suitable for use in patch panels using splice cassettes.
  • The pigtails can be stripped in one action over a long distance of up to 1 m.
  • Insertion loss: typical value is 0.1 dB, maximum value is 0.3 dB. 

Fibre types

  • Nexans LANmark-OF pigtails are available in all standardised optical  fibre classes, multimode and singlemode.
  • The MM50 version is designed to be used in a OM3 or a OM3xt compliant system and is backwards compliant with OM2 and OM2xt systems. The outher sheath for this type of pigtail is aqua.
  • The MM62.5 version is designed for use in OM1 and OM1xt compliant system. These pigtails are orange.
  • The singlemode version is OS2 compliant with G652d fibre inside. These pigtails are yellow.
  • The multimode versions can be used in laser optimised systems using the LANmark-OF xt cables. 

Compatibility and installation practices

  • Maxistrip pigtails are compatible with heat shrink splice cassettes (N890.020) with heat shrink protections (N890.021).
  • Maxistrip pigtails are compatible with splice cassettes (N890.010) for Aluminium protections (N890.003).
  • Maxistrip pigtails are recommended to be used with loose tube cables, i.e. with 250 um fibres.  When using tight buffer cables (900 um fibres) additional stress on the maxistrip pigtails should be limited as much aspossible.
  • For proper alignment in the fusion splice tool the pigtail is fixed on the 250 um coating after stripping the 900 um coating.  Fixing the pigtail on the 900 um coating will lead to improper alignment.
  • In addition the pigtail needs to be stripped till the cladding around the splice area before insertion in the splice tool. 


Nexans LANmark-OF pigtails are covered by Nexans warranty as described in the General Terms and Conditions.

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پیگ تیل فیبر نوری مالتی مود OM3

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