• Fiber Optic Fast Connector, SC APC
  • فست کانکتور فیبر نوری SC/APC

فست کانکتور فیبر نوری SC/APC

Fiber Optic Fast Connector, SC/APC

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فست کانکتورفیبر نوری SC/APC


  • No epoxy and polishing required
  • No expensive tools required
  • Quick and easy fiber termination
  • Precision mechanical alignment insures low insertion loss
  • Superior optical performance
  • Streamlined component design, convenient operation
  • Pre-installed, on-site assembly without end face grinding and consideration
  • Uses proven, molded v-groove technologies
  • Allow optical continuity to be verified by use of visual fault locator (VFL)
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فست کانکتور فیبر نوری SC/APC

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